• A day in the life of a CISO, Security Analyst and IT Operations Specialist

    Med: Anouk Shlamovitz, Technical Advisor, BigFix på HCL Software

    Join the daily life of different roles in an IT organization as they face different challenges when protecting their endpoints against the worst threats. They will have to protect their endpoints against Advanced Persistent Threats, as well as remediating a large number of vulnerabilities with the least business disruption across all of their servers, clients and mobile devices.


    In this session, we will take a look at how these roles can work together to efficiently prioritize exposures and minimize the risk of Cybersecurity attacks:

    • How can an IT Operations Specialist map the most critical threats in the world against current estate of endpoints? How can they discover, prioritize, and patch critical vulnerabilities and reduce cybersecurity risk in real time?
    • Follow the Security Analyst as they need to quickly ascertain which assets have the highest exposure across multiple dimensions including time.
    • How can a CISO measure and track actual cyber risk reduction using agree-to targets defined by business stakeholders and IT Operations?


    These questions and more will be answered in this session which is highly focused on demos and real world examples.

    Taggning: Cyber Security and Cloud

    Om: Anouk Shlamovitz

    I am an experienced industrial engineer with a passion for cybersecurity. My expertise includes sharing insights on how organizations can leverage unified endpoints management solutions to enhance their security posture, a deep understanding of the latest cybersecurity threats and trends, and quick incident response. I am passionate about helping organizations protect themselves from cyber-attacks. As a presales engineer, I have helped numerous clients across various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and government, to develop effective cybersecurity strategies that meet their specific needs and requirements.