• The future of IT - Is modernization harder than we think?

    Med: Alan Flower and Jonas Emilsson, Executive Vice President, CTO Cloud Native and Global Head Native Labs - Lead Architect Hybrid Platforms på HCL Software, ATEA

    Accelerating technological development is affecting us all; both as individuals and organisations. We need to cater to the new and different future faster than ever and this requires modernizing our organisations, not least in terms of IT.


    Why is it then, that so many organizations are experiencing challenges when attempting to modernize and seemingly, get lost in a cloud of terms like generative AI, cloud native, automation, application transformation, and micro service? Alan Flower and Jonas Emilsson share their extensive experience and insights in to where most organizations struggle with their modernization projects.


    Having defined the most common problems, how do we solve them? Alan and Jonas share their key ingredients to success, and how they have assisted organizations in accelerating their modernization of IT.


    Om: Alan Flower and Jonas Emilsson

    Alan Flower heads the HCL Cloud Native Labs & Advisory Services business and is also the HCL CTO for Cloud Native.  A successful entrepreneur and technologist, Alan is deeply passionate about using technology to support the digital transformation of business and driving the creation of innovative products and services.


    Alan has an extensive track record as both a visionary and thought leader. He combines in-depth engineering credibility with real hands-on experience leading global technology organizations. With a track record of bringing over 250 software products to market, Alan has a unique perspective on the application of modern Cloud-enabled services to accelerate market success.


    HCL Cloud Native Labs are the HCL Centre of Excellence, helping clients leverage modern technologies and practices to accelerate transformation.


    Working closely with HCL ecosystem partners, the Labs showcase the Art-of-the-Possible, and with a track record of over 1,000 engagements, the Labs are uniquely positioned to guide our clients’ complete journey.


    The Labs provide engineering assistance to modernize existing applications, or to create innovative new solutions. Deeply collaborative, our Labs also provide education and skills modernization to support the cultural transformation necessary to make the vision of a Cloud Native Enterprise become a reality.


    Alan leads HCL corporate participation in leading open-source communities such as the Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


    He is a Fellow of both the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs.


    Jonas Emilsson, Lead Architect Hybrid Platforms, ATEA

    Jonas is the Lead Architect at Atea who works with strategy, service and product development within Atea’s Hybrid Platforms offering together with Atea’s partners. He has 25+ years of experience in the IT industry and has spent the last 8 years with strategic development of hybrid cloud solutions for Atea’s largest customers.


    Jonas’s focus is on cutting-edge technology in the software-defined data center and services around hybrid data centers. In the past, he has served as a senior consultant, solution architect and also as a manager for concept development within Atea.