• Web development on Windows done right

    Med: Andreas Wänqvist, Team Lead på Voyado

    Are you into web dev and using a Windows machine? Are your colleagues and friends mocking you for how slow it seems compared to their Macs? Is it really meant to be like that? Isn’t there anything that we can do as Windows-based developers to speed up our workflow?

    Actually, there is! And not just one thing… There are actually a few tricks that we can utilize to make our developer workflow faster!

    We can for example use the new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to improve web dev tooling speed. And use containerization (Docker, Podman) to help us with our local development. And in some cases, it can even help out with the CI/CD builds of our large web apps!

    Join Andreas Wänqvist, an avid web developer with a Windows machine, for a session where he shows you how to make web development on Windows better. 🙂

    Taggning: Cloud, Devops

    Om: Andreas Wänqvist

    Andreas has been working in different positions within enterprise during the last two decades. A few years ago his focus was on all things mobile, then it shifted towards building web systems. Nowadays the focus is on cloud solutions and planet-scale architecture, as well as helping web developers be more productive.

    Andreas is a Tech Lead at Voyado. On his spare time he spends time with his family, lifts heavy things in the gym and is involved in OSS as an Aurelia Core Team member.