• Azure IaC Showdown

    Med: Chris Klug och Jakob Ehn, Technical Dude respektive Cloud/DevOps architect på Active Solution

    In this session, Chris and Jakob will go head to head on stage to see which IaC tool is the best for Azure. Is it Jakob’s favorite Bicep? Or Chris’ favorite Pulumi? Or could it be that the old king of the hill Terraform is still sitting firmly at the top?

    Bicep is replacing the old, annoying ARM templates. Is this what is needed to make the built in IaC support in Azure the beez kneez? Sure, Bicep is pretty new to the scene, but builds upon years of experience. And…it is native to Azure, and built by the people who build Azure.

    Or maybe it is time to start working with IaC using real code using Pulumi? This is definitely a very different approach to IaC than the others. But it does offer some really cool, new abilities that might be very interesting. But is newer, and different, also better?

    And finally, there is of course Terraform from HashiCorp. It’s been around longer than most of us can remember, and it has great market penetration. But is the old timer still the best choice for Azure?

    Well…if you attend this session, you will find out! Or at least walk out with a better understanding of which one might suit you the best. During the session, you will see the pros and cons of each one the tools being argued by Jakob Ehn and Chris Klug, based on their own experiences and opinions about them. All, to make it possible for you to make the most informed IaC choice for your needs.

    Taggning: Devops

    Om: Chris Klug och Jakob Ehn

    Chris Klug is a developer badass-as-a-service that either creates or solves problems depending on who you ask. He loves creating and building things. Whether it be a new application, a new kitchen or a new RC helicopter, you will see him building things all the time. Most of the time, that means writing code and solving problems for clients at a company called Active Solution in Stockholm though. Except for the many days he spends at conferences and usergroups, talking about doing things he is passionate about, and for the days he goes mountain biking, IPSC shooting, kiteboarding or RC helicopter flying.
    For the last 15-something years, he has been solving problems for customers, and loving it. But if he gets to choose, he’ll go to the beach and kitesurf every day!


    Jakob Ehn works as a Cloud architecture and DevOps specialist at Active Solution. For more than 20 years, has has been building software solutions, educating developers and teams on Microsoft technologies through training, books, and conference talks.

    Jakob is a Microsoft Azure MVP (former ALM/DevOps MVP). He is a regular speaker at various conferences and user groups around the world, such as NDC, Techorama, DevSum, CloudBrew, UpdateConf and SweTugg.