• How To Build a World-Class Enterprise Cyber Intelligence Program

    Med: Cody Barrow, Chief Strategy Officer på EclecticIQ, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    I built the threat intelligence program at one of the world’s largest financial institutions in Washington, DC. I’ll address how any large enterprise can take from those lessons to build a risk/intelligence-driven cyber threat intelligence program.

    Key topics:
    [Program build & advocacy]
    * Alignment with business objectives
    * Setting a program budget with CEO/CFO/CIO/CISO
    * Partnering with, or building, counterpart Information Security organizations (Incident Response, Security Operations, Vulnerability Management, etc)
    * Working with stakeholders outside Security – “cyber is not only IT”
    * Hiring/staffing and team design; Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
    * Motivating teams, talent retention, mission design

    [Program operations & ROI]
    * Dividing the “levels of war” (tactical, operational, strategic)
    * Working with peer stakeholders and building Standard Operating Procedures
    * Building priorities derived from business needs (intelligence requirements)
    * Outlining products/deliverables/customers
    * Incorporating risk mitigation into the DNA of your program

    [Closing lecture/discussion]
    * Common organizational pitfalls and how to overcome them
    * Differences between programs in US and Europe
    * Where the discipline is headed next

    Taggning: Cyber Security and Cloud

    Om: Cody Barrow

    Cody is Chief Strategy Officer at EclecticIQ, one of the largest cybersecurity scale-ups in the Benelux region. With a ~20-year intelligence career across commercial and government sectors in the United States and Europe, he is a former U.S. federal intelligence official with service at the Pentagon, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Security Agency. He was part of U.S. Cyber Command’s founding Establishment Team, where he also deployed to Afghanistan in cooperation with NATO’s governing body. He has led threat intelligence departments for the world’s leading financial institutions and managed major growth product launches for leading cybersecurity vendors.