• IT-säkerhet är inte en IT-fråga

    Med: Elin Richarz och Mats Hultgren, Senior Advisor Crisis Management and Continuity Planning respektive Director of Operations – Incident Response på Murphy Solutions och Truesec

    There is a great misunderstanding within most organisations claiming IT disturbances to be an IT issue, pointing out the IT-department as responsible to plan for and handle disruptions in the IT environment. But frankly – in the IT-department perspective – there is no great issue related to non-functioning IT-solutions. The real consequence is owned by the business departments – and the panic which is generated causes the biggest issue for the IT department to handle. Let us erase the misunderstanding and talk business continuity in a practical perspective – making IT a business common problem.

    Taggning: Cyber Security and Cloud

    Om: Elin Richarz och Mats Hultgren

    Elin Richarz. Senior Advisor Crisis Management and Continuity Planning

    Elin is an expert within crisis management and continuity planning, having supported over 350 organization within both private and public sector to build capacity and capability. As a Crisis manager, Elin gives active support to management teams in acute situations – from cyber crisis to terror.


    Mats Hultgren. As Director of Operations for Truesec’s incident response team, Mats has aided many organizations through the greatest crisis they have ever face. He is also a renowned expert within the capabilities of Protect, Detect and Respond.

    His vast experience from managing the incidents handled by Truesec’s CSIRT makes him one of Europe’s foremost experts in incident response.

    He is especially appreciated for his ability to interpret and explain complex problems and solutions in a way that makes sense for everyone.