• Driving the shift towards a sustainable transport sector – Scania’s road to decarbonized heavy transports

    Med: Gustaf Sundell, Executive Vice President, Head of Mobility Solutions på Scania

    Scania is the 100+ years’ old heavy trucks manufacturer that has embarked on a route to decarbonize not only its vehicles, but the entire transport system and the supply chain it consists of. Why are they doing that? How are they to go about it? Do we even need heavy trucks in the future, and what will the transport system look like? Gustaf Sundell, EVP and head of Mobility Solutions at Scania, guides us through the company’s decarbonization journey and what it means for transports, society, and the lives of you and me.


    Om: Gustaf Sundell

    Gustaf Sundell has a broad experience within the company both abroad and in Sweden, including Managing Director of Sweden Growht Capital, Managing Director of Scania Group Industrial Thailand, Sales Director Trucks – Africa and Asia-Pacific and Head of Strategy and Corporate Management. In 2022, he was appointed Executive Vice President and Head of Mobility Solutions.