• Embracing Sustainable IT

    Med: Guy Long, Senior Cloud Advisor på Eviden

    IT infrastructure contributes 3% of global carbon emissions, with AI potentially adding 4% but also saving 4% through efficiencies.
    Today’s decisions will shape our future, so we must use data to set targets and take action.


    Modernizing IT services can deliver significant positive impact, with cloud migration being essential. As governments may soon mandate targets, businesses slow to react could struggle to compete.


    GreenOps and sustainability can benefit the environment while offering new capabilities.


    At Eviden, we focus on delivering sustainability rather than just talking about it.

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    Om: Guy Long

    Guy Long is a former full-time firefighter turned tech enthusiast, sustainability advocate and outdoor lover. After years of dedicated service as a firefighter, Guy decided to transition into the world of IT. With his can-do attitude and passion for transformative change, he quickly excelled in his new field.

    His experience as a firefighter provided him with the skills and knowledge required for rescue diving and swiftwater rescue, which he constantly keeps up to date. Although it has been over a decade since Guy has had to retrieve a body from the water, he still loves spending time in the great outdoors, canoeing and swimming in the sea.

    In his spare time, Guy immerses himself in science fiction books, tries out new recipes in the kitchen and researches the latest technologies. He has extensive experience of implementing change and building teams and has worked for one of the top 10 law firms in the UK.

    Guy is also passionate about sustainability and is on a mission to reduce our impact on the environment. For him, GreenOps is one of the best ways to accelerate transformation and create a more sustainable future. With his skills and expertise, he’s making a difference in the world, one project at a time.