• Rapid Cloud Transition of Business Applications - A transition from legacy to modern and intelligent

    Med: Johan Persson, Senior Technical Specialist på Engage Group

    In the age of fast moving information and exponentially increasing volumes of data, the ERP has become the center of operations, or “Single point of truth”. New demands are put on the system and how it is developed and managed. Today high paced rollouts and agile management is required to meet the expectations of the organization.


    In this session we will have a look at how Microsoft has changed (the product formerly known as) Dynamics AX/Axapta from an on-premise monolith to a cloud hosted, flexible and modern solution, all while customers are in full production. We will walk through:


    From a customization and integration perspective – what has changed?

    External micro services and integration platform – how Microsoft is working with them to extend the platform instead of relying on in-product customizations.

    The application LifeCycle of the product – how has it changed to support regular updates and new features at a faster pace than ever, while still being the “System of Intelligence”.

    We will also have a look at the upcoming strategy for merging the Dynamics 365 Suite of products in to a “Center of Knowledge”.

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    Om: Johan Persson

    Johan Persson has worked as a consultant for more than 20 years and is at the moment employed as a Senior Technical Specialist at Engage Group. He is co-hosting three Swedish podcasts: ”En Liten Podd om IT”, “Dynamicspodden” and ”The Nerd Herd”. His main area of expertise is infrastructure but also works a lot with Microsoft Dynamics.