• REPETITION - Identity Fraud - MFA, Stealer Malware, and the Future of Credentials

    Med: Julius Nicklasson, Manager, Intelligence Services på Recorded Future

    Due to the large interest, Julius will do a re-run of this session during 30 minutes.


    Credential compromise has always been an avenue exploited by threat actors to conduct their attacks. However, with the rise of identity theft and stealer malware, we can no longer rely on our existing security controls, like MFA, to mitigate this growing threat.


    This talk will explore how stealer malware has been able to operate as efficiently as it has, why our existing security controls are no longer sufficient, and how modern intelligence is required to deal with modern threats.

    Taggning: Cyber Security and Cloud

    Om: Julius Nicklasson

    Julius Nicklasson is a Manager within Intelligence Services at Recorded Future. In his current role, Julius works with enterprise security teams to develop their intelligence strategy and analyze security intelligence data to reduce their business risk. He has a Masters of Science Degree in Global Affairs from King’s College London and is GCTI Certified.