• GRC is from Venus, Scaled agile is from Mars

    Med: Magnus Juvas och Emelie Hasslerud, CEO respektive GRC Advisor, Director på Solidify och FCG

    Top 10 reasons why GRC and scaled agile alignment fail and what to do about it.


    As of today, there is a need for two major changes in most large organisations. The first is driven from regulatory demands and a rapidly changing risk landscape including cyber security risks. The second is driven by the digital transformation and the agile ways of working that often comes with it.


    Many organisations struggle with how to align GRC processes with the agile at scale processes that are introduced to accelerate digital transformation.


    In this session we will address 10 common challenges and what to do about them. We will discuss it both from the GRC perspective as well as the agile perspective and give you hands on tips and tricks on how to meet each other.


    Emelie Hasslerud with the GRC (Governance, Risk and, Compliance) perspective and Magnus Juvas, with the technical perspective.

    Taggning: Cyber Security and Cloud

    Om: Magnus Juvas och Emelie Hasslerud

    Magnus Juvas. MS in Computer Science, Co-founder of Transcendent Group, Co-founder and CEO of Solidify.


    Emelie Hasslerud. MS in Business Administration and Economics, GRC professional with experience from all three lines and with a background both as consultant and Leader in the financial sector.