• Building a corporate startup

    Med: Malin Jöhncke and Ronja Roupé, Principal innovation Manager and Senior Service Designer på Innovation Lab at Volvo Group

    The Innovation Lab at Volvo Group explores how digitalization and connectivity can create new business value and new digital services. 

    The lab works with partners and customers to discover, incubate, and accelerate new digital offers and ventures for Volvo Group. One example is a new digital service – Lokate – that aims to solve the problems of inefficient delivery, idling, and manual administration in the building- and construction industry. 

    Malin Jöhncke and Ronja Roupé from the lab will share the challenges and learnings from developing this service with a start-up approach.


    Om: Malin Jöhncke and Ronja Roupé

    Malin Jöhncke, Principal innovation Manager – Innovation Lab at Volvo Group

    Malin Jöhncke is the Principal Innovation Manager at Innovation Lab at Volvo Group, where she leads an agile team to explore and create new ventures. She is the creator of Volvo Group’s first digital brand and has a rich experience in innovation management in both private and public sector.


    Ronja Roupé​, Senior Service Designer – Innovation Lab at Volvo Group

    Ronja Roupé is a versatile and accomplished Senior Service Designer at Innovation Lab at Volvo Group, with a background in working at startups and various other professions. Her diverse experience has equipped her with a unique understanding of innovation within both public and private sectors. Known for her strong drive, Ronja has successfully put numerous initiatives at the Innovation Lab in motion. When it comes to nurturing innovative ideas, she is a go-to expert who can help turn your concepts into reality.