• Client-Side Field Level Encryption The Next Generation of Privacy and Security

    Med: Pierre Petersson, Advisory Solutions Architect på MongoDB

    Encryption is proven and trusted and has been around for close to 60 years, but there are gaps. So when we think about moving data (TLS encryption) and storing data (storage encryption), most databases have that covered. But as soon as data is in use, processed by the database, it’s in plain text and more vulnerable to insider access and active breaches. Most databases do not have this covered. CSFLE solves the challenge of making it possible to query/process data that is encrypted without decrypting the data and does not require any application changes.
    Using CSFLE applications can encrypt sensitive plain text fields in documents prior to transmitting data to the server. This means that data processed by database (in use) will not be in plain text as it’s always encrypted and most importantly still can be queried.

    The use cases for Client Side Field Level Encryption are:
    * Increasing the confidence level when moving workloads to the cloud. Companies can isolate all workloads from the infrastructure and are protected against malicious admins.
    * Prevent data breaches
    * Enable secure collaboration.

    In this session you will learn:
    * How Client-Side FLE enables confidential computing
    * How Client-Side FLE helps you address emerging privacy regulations and evolving threat vectors
    * How you can get started with Client-Side FLE including code samples and best practices
    * How you can manage key rotation and key migration
    * Technologies that will be used: MongoDB, Hashicorp, AWS KMS, Envelope Encryption, C#, Python

    Taggning: Cyber Security and Cloud

    Om: Pierre Petersson

    Pierre has been writing code since he first touched a Luxor ABC 80, in the mid-eighties. He inspires builders to unlock the value of the cloud, using his secret blend of passion, enthusiasm, customer advocacy, curiosity and creativity. His interests are about software architectures and developer tools. Pierre has a developer background, working in the field 20+ years.