• City Science: Performance Follows Form

    Med: Ramon Gras Alomà, Founder på Aretian Urban Analytics and Design at Harvard

    Ramon Gras will present insights from City Science analyses led by the Aretian team out of Harvard University at Stockholm’s 2023 Smart City Expo. Aretian has been designing three-dimensional digital urban models and studying over a hundred global metropolitan areas across continents through the lens of the AI-based methodology, scrutinizing the causal mechanisms between city form patterns and urban performance. The discoveries will be illustrated by city-specific case studies and anticipate the book City Science: Performance follows Form. The up-and-coming book describes, among others, the 10 main urban design patterns and their impact on the quality of life of citizens.


    Om: Ramon Gras Alomà

    Ramon Gras is a City Science Researcher at Harvard University and CoFounder at Aretian Urban Analytics and Design
    Ramon Gras (Harvard’18, MIT’15, BarcelonaTech’10) is a City Science Researcher and Urban Designer from Barcelona, working on the urban innovation space. Aretian provides boutique urban analytics and design services to public administration and private clients around the world, as well as software development solutions tackling complex problems facing the cities of our time. Aretian published the first-of-its-kind Atlas of Innovation Districts in 2019.