• Serverless containers across the major clouds

    Med: Stas Lebedenko, Cloud architect på Solidify

    Serverless container services based on managed Kubernetes are gaining traction. All major cloud providers have rival solutions like Azure Container App, AWS App Runner, and Google Cloud Run. Can you leverage serverless containers’ power to make your application cloud-agnostic, or is there still a vendor lock? Will these services lower the total cost of ownership, and will you be able to migrate from them to the full-fledged Kubernetes?

    Let me share my experience with these services and provide in-depth comparisons along with takeaways from attempts to migrate applications between clouds.

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    Om: Stas Lebedenko

    Stas Lebedenko is a cloud architect working at Solidify AB. Co-organizer of Odesa Microsoft. NET User Group, speaker and author, an active member of Ukraine .NET/Azure communities. He has seventeen years of experience as a developer, Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional since 2020, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert.