• Fighting Financial Frauds with AI, ML and Data

    Med: Sujata Dasgupta, Global Head (Financial Crime Compliance Advisory) på Tata Consultancy Services

    Frauds and financial crimes are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, as criminals use advanced technology to bypass all defense mechanisms. Institutions on the other hand face challenges around data and platform fragmentation, intensive manual effort and several others in preventing and detecting such frauds. There are big benefits of using data driven, AI/ML and advanced tech powered tools in this fight. From behavioral analytics in device authentication to ML based suspicious transaction pattern detection, network graphs for entity resolution and fraud linkage discovery, there are many more uses of AI, ML and emerging technologies in fighting financial frauds. These technologies, used right by organisations, can make the fight against financial frauds more effective, protect consumers and prevent financial losses.

    Taggning: AI and Big Data

    Om: Sujata Dasgupta

    Sujata Dasgupta is a multiple international award-winning industry leader, and Global Head of Financial Crime Compliance Advisory at Tata Consultancy Services, based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has over 22 years of experience, having worked extensively in the areas of fraud and financial crime risk management across Banking, IT services and consulting for premier banks in 7 countries covering US, UK, Europe and Asia. She specializes in digital strategy and transformation of financial fraud risk management by leveraging AI, ML and other advanced digital technologies.

    She is an accomplished thought leader, author, columnist, and speaker, and is regularly interviewed by reputed international journals for her analysis and opinions on contemporary topics in this area.

    She has won several awards, including ‘Risk Professional of the Year’ by Waters Technology, and ‘Head of FinCrime Compliance’ award from GRC World Forums in 2021.