• Navigating the Path to Trusted and Responsible AI

    Med: Jonathan Rebane, AI Expert på Anch.AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being utilized for decision making in both corporate and societal contexts, but without proper governance, AI can result in unintended ethical pitfalls that can rapidly grow beyond our control. To address these concerns, the EU Commission has proposed the AI Act as a step towards responsible and trustworthy AI on a larger scale. However, laws and regulations are not sufficient to fully realize the potential of AI.


    In this presentation, I will examine the requirements of Responsible AI and the AI Act while providing recommendations for responsible, sustainable AI-driven innovation. Join me to prepare for the future of AI!


    Om: Jonathan Rebane

    Jonathan Rebane is an AI and Machine Learning Expert at anch.AI where he brings his technical expertise across all functions within the organisation. He is a passionate researcher and advocate in the area of responsible AI, and believes that various stakeholders must work together to create new ecosystems that support trustworthy data-driven innovation.


    Jonathan has experience in multiple areas of academic research and the private sector working in Data Science. His most recent work has involved developing AI frameworks to predict future diagnoses for patients using Electronic Health Record Data. In addition, Jonathan has published works on ”Explainable and Interpretable AI”,  ”Deep Learning for Cryptocurrency Price Prediction”, ”Mathematical Modelling in Cellular Neuroscience” and ”Spatial Cognition”.