• Manage, Monitor and Secure Windows Server using Azure Arc, Log Analytics and Defender

    Med: Viktor Hedberg och Mikael Nyström, Senior Consultant respektive Principal Technical Architect på Truesec

    How do you make sure your hybrid Infrastructure is up to date, secure and keep tracks of security posture?

    This session will look at how we can leverage the cloud to secure on-prem, in more ways than one!

    Covering topics on Azure Arc, Azure AD, Conditional Access on servers(!) and more…

    Taggning: Datacenter

    Om: Viktor Hedberg och Mikael Nyström

    Viktor Hedberg. Security consultant with a focus on Microsoft Security either on-prem or in the cloud, and a blueteamer at heart. Viktor has worked within IT for the past 10 years always within Cyber Security. Working for public sector in Sweden for years but now as a specialist at Truesec AB focusing on proactive security measures, DFIR and advises on all things cyber.


    Mikael Nyström is a Microsoft MVP and Principal Technical Architect at Truesec, with an extremely broad field of competence. He has worked with all kinds of infrastructure tasks, in all kinds of environments, enterprise to small business. He is currently working in the CSIRT where he is Rebuilding, Recovering, Deploying, Configuring and Restoring organizations hit by cyberattacks or other incidents. Mikael is a very popular instructor and speaker at major conferences such as Security Summit and MMS.